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Mosaic451, LLC (Mosaic451) provides bespoke (custom to specification) cyber operations services for high-risk, high-complexity entities, including cyber defense of critical data infrastructure for government, transportation, power, healthcare, education, and finance.


Mosaic451 believes that technology is a force multiplier for smart humans. While we are aggressive in our technology adoption, we recognize that no amount of technology will secure an environment without a critical mass of smart, operationally-minded humans to design, build, operate and optimize. We are in the business of accumulating this intelligence.

Mosaic451 protects the water, hydro-electric, generation capacity, airports and high-security networks that serve tens of millions of Americans across the country. Our cyber security operations services defend 31 hydro projects in the Columbia River basin alone; water for a large portion of North Carolina; City services from Charlotte, NC to Santa Monica, CA; the 5th largest school district in the United States (320,000 students); two of the top-10 largest airports in North America; and two nuclear power plants (including the largest in North America by net generation).

Mosaic451’s core operations team includes US Military cyber engineering team include the initial cadre course developers for the USAF’s most prestigious cyber training program, the Weapons School’s Cyber Warfare Operations Weapons Instructor Course. Our Federal cyber team includes founding leadership and senior engineering from the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the Office of Secure Transportation (OST). The NNSA is responsible for the development, testing and manufacture of the US nuclear arsenal. The OST transports all fissile material in the United States. These networks have been under sustained, targeted and advanced attacks by sophisticated criminal, activist, and State actors for over 15 years. Trial by fire became the crucible that hardened our cyber security operations methodology and leadership.

All the network and security devices proposed in this response are industry leading and quality manufacturer’s brands. If we don’t use a network or security device in production, we don’t represent that manufacturer. Mosaic451 enjoys preferential pricing from our manufacturers. Our response is tailored to the NCPA the products and services offered in this proposal are mature, industry leading, scalable, and highly functional.

Headquartered in Arizona, Mosaic451 is a bespoke cyber security service provider and consultancy with expertise in building, operating and defending some of the most highly-secure networks in North America.